Industrial gases are consumed in the manufacture of a very wide range of products from metals production and uses to superconducting imaging machines, electronics and fiber optics. The manner in which these gases are manufactured, purchased, stored or applied are an important factor in any user cost profile. RMW can assist users to efficiently produce, obtain and use all industrial gases.

Oil and Natural Gas

With the ever increasing demand for energy, exploration, production, and refining is a high risk, high profile business that continues to develop new technologies to effectively recover oil and gas from new and existing fields. The industry requires innovative gas processing solutions from RMW based on technology and service to lower costs and maximize profitability.

Industrial gas production facility
Industrial Gas Producers and Distributors

Industrial gas producers and distributors have come to rely on RMW expertise to provide productivity and deliver cost savings. Our portfolio of projects, studies, business analysis, training, audits, and consultations cover industry leaders as well as small and large distributors.

Industrial Gas Users

We support many end users clients that look to RMW because of our expertise in helium, hydrogen, atmospheric products, natural gas, specialty gases, and equipment. We offer them solutions such as product audits and up to date market reviews to maximize their productivity and ensure the supply mode is “right sized” for their applications.

Superconducting magnet manufacturing facility

Antarctica helium research balloon

"RMW represents industrial engineering expertise on demand. We look to them as a full service solution."

Sales Engineering Manager, CryoVation, LLC