Need expert insight to solve your technical or commercial issue? RMW Solutions has a vast talent pool of expertise of high-powered technical and commercial practitioners that provide expert counsel and support on projects. Instead of searching high and low for the right talent, contact us at RMW to arrange a complimentary discussion on the technical or business growth challenges facing your business.

Here is a sampling of our talent pool:


J. Benjamin Reinoehl
47 years experience in managing industrial gas product lines, major acquisitions and on-site gas and equipment sales.
B.S. Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University
M.B.A., Lehigh University

Willard D. Moyer
34 years of financial experience in the industrial gases and equipment industry. Responsibilities included strategic planning, budgeting, general accounting, consolidation and tax accounting, cost accounting and administration of several domestic and international divisions
B.A. Economics, Pennsylvania State University

James E. West
35 years experience in the applications of cryogenic and industrial gas process technology to new and existing business opportunities. Wide technical and commercial experience including roles in design, operations, executive management as well as owner president of cryogenics design and manufacturing concern.
B.S. Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering, Pennsylvania State University


Richard J. Lemak
25 years of experience in engineering design and project management, product management, and marketing for all facets of the compressed gas business with commercial activities in bulk products, specialty gases, hydrogen, helium, rare gases, as well as associated equipment offerings.
B.S. Aero/Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
M.B.A., Lehigh University


Glen E. Kinard
40 years experience as process design manager and senior engineering associate. Experience encompassed design of processes and equipment for large liquid helium production plants, tonnage liquid hydrogen plants and base load LNG facilities.
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology.

Dr. George E. Schmauch
35 years experience. In developing analytical techniques and determination of thermo and physical properties of industrial gases, led process hazard review teams evaluating safety risk of gas processing plants. Served as member of Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel of DOE.
B.S., Muhlenberg College
M.S..,Ph.d. Lehigh University

Carl S. Wells
33 years experience managing helium, air separation, NRU, LNG, and HYCO plants both domestically and internationally. Project sizes ranged up to $300 million turnkey facilities.
B.S. Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy

Thomas E. Kranycez
30 years experience designing cryogenic heat exchangers, vacuum and super insulated cold boxes, magnet cryostats, ANSI piping, ASME pressure vessels, and project management of process systems.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lafayette College

Jack L. Stolz
40 years experience in the design, application and troubleshooting of compressors, engines, blowers, cryogenic expanders and auxiliary equipment for the industrial gas and chemicals industry.
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University

David L. Wilson
25 years forecasting natural gas requirements, supplies for pipelines, identifying opportunities for nitrogen rejection systems and helium recovery. Managed collection/sale of drip liquids from natural gas, analyzed weather forecast patterns and effect on natural gas storage requirements
B.A.,M.A. University of Colorado

Joseph A. Frankenfield
20 years experience as a senior piping designer of air separation and other industrial gas facilities.
B.S.,M.Ed. Industrial Arts, Pennsylvania State University

John J. Connor
Over 23 years experience- managing chemical plant, natural gas processing and helium projects in sizes up to $70 million. Extensive experience in resource and business development in the energy industry.
B.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University